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Please enjoy these other links of friends and associates:

The Crooked Path Apothecary  Located in Burbank.  Host to Mythic Wisdom workshops.  Owned and operated by a very knowledgable, long -time practitioner of various occult traditions.  Very friendly environment to learn about these traditions and to buy supplies for your own meditative practices.

Motorcycle Performance Services  Owned and operated by Alex White, the motorcycle doctor, and long-time professional racer.  Specializing in Japanese and Italian models.

Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles  Founded by Mestre Boneco, who has dedicated his career to the practice of this Afro-Brazilian martial art called Capoeira.  This is the homepage for the flagship school in Los Angeles with links to affiliated locations through L.A. and worldwide.

Chadwick J. Coleman, Artist  Professional artist of character design, storyboard, and concept art.

There’s So Much To See  Great travel blog of a friend.

Shoebox Tattoo  Owned and operated by Lantz, an incredibly skillful tattoo artist and visionary.  I found him through two friends of mine tattooed by him.  Previously an art director with Universal he also shares a love of mythology and possesses a degree in literary criticism.  He has created and manifested my only two tattoos and is the artist I would return to without hesitation for additional work.

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube  I do not consider myself a yogi, but I have found tremendous benefit in a morning ritual of yoga with this particular teacher.  Adriene is knowledgable, pleasant to listen to, quirky, and has a ton of videos on this *free* YouTube channel.

The Honest Guys Meditation on YouTube  I believe meditation is an important ritual in many ways to adapt into our regular routines.  Oftentimes finding silent meditation to be challenging, I discovered the Honest Guys who offer a variety of playful and effective guided meditations.  Some take you into a fantasy world; others focus on self-healing and self-love; and they have an array of video lengths.

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