About Selena

I was raised with exposure to many spiritualities and traditions, offering me an open mind and a connected soul. I have since gained an academic foundation supporting my spiritual interests in a program entitled Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I have earned my Master’s and am pursuing my Doctorate. This program enables me to offer profound insight into our individual and collective archetypal psychology and personal mythologies.

I have studied a wide variety of cultural traditions from Native American, Afro-Brazilian, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Hebrew, Wiccan, ancient Greek and Roman, Celtic, Japanese, and Chinese which offers me perspective in the beautiful cultural diversity on our planet. I am well versed in the warrior arts: I studied Aikido, Kung Fu, and currently study Capoeira, boxing, and the Filipino martial art Lameco.


I enjoy research and writing in a way that synthesizes historical knowledge with creativity and storytelling. Myths are rich with insight into a culture: the spiritual beliefs, the community, sense of family and relationships, politics, art, music, and imagination. To delve into myths provides us opportunity for insight historically as well as for our modern day societies and interactions.

My spiritual work aims to foster connection with our intuition. When we can listen to our intuition we are clear in our life’s calling, we can balance listening and asserting our needs and desires, and can handle daily responsibilities with greater ease and calm. We are able to recognize when we are lost and know how to ask for guidance. In beginning with ourselves – confronting and embracing our shadow, our sense of security, our ability to receive love and abundance, and to offer compassion – we can transform our relationships, strengthen our inner warrior, and manifest healthy, balanced, happy lives.

I have taught and performed bellydance since the age of 17.  I began dancing with a boa constrictor named Jasmine, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago.  Now part of my family is a boa named Mystique.  The snake is my totem and you may read more about my perspectives on snakes in selected blog articles.

Selena & Mystique 2019

I also have a big, loving, classically loyal, and intelligent German Shepherd, Aladdin.

Aladdin_Oct 2017 (1)

In December 2013 I earned my B.A. in Art History and Dance from Loyola Marymount University.  With this degree I have added ballet instruction to my repertoire; I have had opportunity to curate art shows; and it has provided me the footing to pursue my PhD program in Mythological Studies/Depth Psychology with Pacifica Graduate Institute.

I also am an avid motorcycle rider.  I have a Honda CBR600 F4i with some extra accoutrements; I ride motocross – love the sand dunes of Glamis; and have hit the racetrack enough times to not be the slowest one out there.

Selena_Streets of Willow
Selena on the Streets of Willow Racetrack

Connect with me on Facebook at Mythic Wisdom

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